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CD Ripping Service

CD Ripping is a term for extracting the audio from of your CDs and placing them as digital audio files on your computer. Ripping music CDs a great way to not only greatly reduce the physical size of your collection, but also help ensure playability of your audio for the future. By converting your collection to digital files, you open up new avenues for you to enjoy your music and audio. Looking to convert a CD to MP3 for your iPod, iPhone and other mobile devices? We can do that for you, too.

Take advantage of our custom folder and file naming structures, if you want something other than our standard method. We can help you to organize your audio in any way you’d like! All available metadata, album art and tagging will be provided through several immense online databases and cross referenced for accuracy, at no additional charge.

Basic Info:

First File Type Free Your Choice, Incl. Lossless Your Choice, Incl. Lossless Your Choice, Incl.
Metadata Sources FreeDB and MusicBrainz AMG*, FreeDB, MusicBrainz AMG*, FreeDB, MusicBrainz,
and Human Review!
Free Log of Transfers Yes Yes Yes
Free Alphabetical List of CDs Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Point Audio Accuracy Check Yes Yes Yes
Extreme Error Recovery** No No Yes

* AMG is a high quality metadata provider which is professionally maintained and checked for accuracy. We pay them for each disk we check against their database, and because they're the best metadata provider, it's worth every penny. This premium data is included in our Standard Service and our Audiophile Service. We still check other databases as well, just in case AMG doesn't have an entry for an obscure or rare album.

**Extreme Error Recovery: In some cases, CDs are too scratched or damaged to be able to recover the data accurately and completely. With the Audiophile level of service, we'll run our Extreme Error Correction system which will read the CD hundreds of times. If we STILL can't get an accurate read and the tracks with issues are available for digital purchase online, WE'LL BUY THE SONGS FOR YOU, and integrate them with the rest of your collection, for up to 10% of your CDs!


Number of Discs Value
1-10 $4 per CD $5 per CD $6 per CD
11-50 $1.50 per CD $1.60 per CD $3.00 per CD
51-100 $1.25 per CD $1.35 per CD $2.50 per CD
101-500 $0.95 per CD $1.15 per CD $2.20 per CD
501+ $0.65 per CD $0.80 per CD $2.00 per CD

All Orders: We only process commercially produced audio CDs. Pricing listed above is for CDs received on spindles (which can be provided). If you prefer not to use spindles, our technicians can carefully remove each disc and place it back in it's respective jewel casing for $0.50 per CD.

In most cases, all discs given to us will be returned, and will be within 95% of the same order in which it was recieved, making it easier to re-organize if necessary. If your order requires CDs to be returned 100% in exactly the same order, and additional charge of $0.20 per CD applies.

File Formats: Regardless of the service level you choose, we'll rip your cds to any file format you choose. The first file format is included in the price. Want a second or third? After the first, it's only $0.15 per CD (not per file!). Many people choose to get Apple Lossless or FLAC for highest quality playback, and a second set of files with our most popular format - 320kbps MP3.

Rush Orders: We can go into Turbo Mode if you need things in a hurry! Please call us at 858-413-7965 and we can work together to meet your requirements!

Metadata is compared from multiple services to produce extremely accurate tagging of your audio tracks. With our Medium and Audiophile services, the results are compared with a pay per use metadata provider for even higher accuracy. Your files will be tagged with this verified data for Artist, Album, Track Number, and Track Title, as well as other album information, when available. Over 99% of the time, album art is available and is included at no additional charge.

Folder and File Naming: Our default organizational method is to create a folder for the Artist, with a subfolder for Album, and then each file listed with the track number and song title. We've found that this is the easiest way to find specific files later without running into file naming limits. We can customize how we organize everything, though, and will set our system up to match your needs for a set up charge of $25 per custom method used. If you'd like this additional service, please make sure to let us know and discuss your needs when placing your order- a technician will also verify your needs via phone before starting the order.

Devices Supported: We'll be happy to work with you to load a specific device. Let us know when you're placing your order what devices you plan on using, and we'll recommend a format that will work best for you! We can help you with almost any device- iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android phones and tablets, Microsoft Zune, car stereos, computers, MP3 players, GPS systems, voice recorders, and many more.